Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fatty Cakes - Ridiculous Cookies!

My friend Jennifer started an online cookie shop called FattyCakes.
She makes ridiculous cookies. (like peanut butter and jelly or popcorn cookies)

She'll do a custom order and even gluten free options!

They taste so good even movie stars are buying them. (not kidding)

Andrew Thorton

Andrew Thorton is a friend and the artist behind the pictures posted below. He is a talented artist, writer and designer. Check out his blog!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Portraits of my friends and family

More Melvin Sokolsky


Concept images I made for a friend's band who wanted colorful abstract imagery.

practice makes perfect

Clearly I kept myself entertained when learning Photoshop.

The glory of Melvin Sokolsky

Moleskin Notebooks


Every year someone manages to get me a moleskin journal for Christmas or my birthday. I usually put it on my bookshelf where it wastes away for years before I give it away as a present.

For Christmas my boyfriend gave me one of these notebooks, and although it looked the same as the others with it's off white recycled pages and black or brown cover, this one was a little different.

The reason this notebook is different is he purposely bought it because he wanted me to write in it.

So I did.

And I find myself writing in it all the time..To do lists, phone numbers, photography notes, tiny pictures I like that live pressed between the pages like bookmarks. I find myself reaching for my little leatherbound notebook in the morning with the same urgency I give to my wallet and my cell phone. Thanks for the awesome gift.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Banks Violette

"I definitely get a lot of ideas from music and from musicians I've worked with. In the instance of Stephen O'Malley-who plays with the band Sunn O)))-he's involved with a lot of low-frequency kind of sub-audible compositions, things that are really less auditory and more physiological. That seems like a perfect complement to the idea of sculpture-it has weight, gravity, it extends itself into space, etc. How do you take a discrete object that is placed pretty much on a pedestal and make it radiate out into the environment? We fill it up with the sound equivalent of the sculpture."