Sunday, June 19, 2011

Salvaged Wood Wall

I'd think I'd like to do this one day.

Black Bean Soup

I'm archiving this for when it gets chilly again and I can heat up my apartment with all the smells from the kitchen. Probably the best black bean soup I've ever had. Thank you :)

Apple Pie

My recipe for apple pie: Cut apples into tinnny pieces, throw in a few hundred sticks of butter, an illegal amount of sugar and stick it in the oven. I got a little carried way apple picking last fall. I may or may not have returned home with about 50 apples. So anyway, I spent my entire Sunday baking pies and gained about 10 pounds in a week. I love pie, but maybe next time I'll be nice and share!

Banana Bread

Every weekend we have three very ripe, left over bananas. What else to do but make banana bread? I always loose this recipe so I am archiving it here, along with a few other staples.


Etsy store from Thailand that will custom make or alter any of the clothes listed in their store.
I love this blazer

Silhouette Portrait

Cleaning out the bookmark folder on my browser and archiving everything right here. ..

So I thought this was pretty cool. This is an etsy store that will custom make a necklace for you from an image you provide.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011