Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Sunday

It's Sunday the weekend is over but the week has just begun. In the next few days I plan to:

1. Dress like a flapper and visit a friend at Dalaga (If I don't get out of work too late!)
2. Community Yoga on Tuesday night
3. Address the Save the Dates
4. Visit the garment district and stock up on jewelry supplies
5. Eat crepes and drink wine with a friend
6. Finish off our homemade soups - miso and vegan cream of broccoli.
7. Read Crain's New York for work.


Saturday, October 29, 2011


My company has been dressing up the kate spade store for quite awhile with vinyl stripes. I think it looks awesome. I'm planning on ordering some pre-cut vinyl near Christmas and seeing if I can spruce up a wall in the living room. The walls are cream color so I would order the same baby blue as below. Best part about it is if it looks terrible I can take it down without ruining the paint because the vinyl is a low tac adhesive. Can't wait to play

Friday, October 28, 2011

Steampunk Haunted House

Dancer at Doosan Gallery

If you went to Fashion's Night out this year you should have walked the highline to West Chelsea and took a look around. It was the opening night for Submerged at Doosan Gallery - an art space that represents and supports Korean artists. The dancer was incredible. The performance started outside the gallery. In the beginning, the dancer stood limp. The gallery asked us to guide the dancer towards the entrance with light pushes and turns. The more she was touched the more energy we "gave her" until she began a free form dance where she moved to the rhythm of the sounds and projected light.

SUBMERGED by Eunsu Kang and Diana Garcia-Snyder. At the Chelsea Galleries during Fashion's Night Out. Video borrowed from Sherry Aliberti.

Cat Power

This song is awesome and I needed to share it

Monday, October 17, 2011

This weekend I learned that people read my blog

Normally, this would sound rewarding and flattering except I like to blog about topics such as my cat and what Martha Stewart color I should paint my room. I think I forgot that this is a public website and not my personal diary. You probably think I'm boring that in my diary I write about shoes and decorating instead of gossip and scandalous activities I may (or may not) have done the night before. Well you know what? I don't care that everyone can read my diary.
Matter of fact I'm about to warn you that this blog is about to get even worse because I'm going to post about my wedding for the next nine months. Sorry!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bedroom Color Choices

I have a room in my apartment that needs help, and painting might be the best way to fix it. I am trying to find a color that works with the rest of the room, as is. The current color palette in the room is very stark: white, slate-grey and espresso with a red antique wing back chair. The walls are a boring cream color. I want to brighten up the room with a soft hue.

Current room:

Color choices: