Monday, May 10, 2010

Terence Koh - These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Drums

I find Terrance Koh's art so fantastic and beautiful I can only focus on one at a time so deal with me as I randomly post him from time to time. It's b.c I'm on a Terence Koh kick.

When I first was introduced to him it was at the Whitney so long ago.
His only medium was light.
Little did I know the same year he was making the most incredible sculptures out of extremely unconventional I'll be nice and say "organic" materials.
And I believe it's the materials that really get to me, the real reason I'm on my Terence Kick.

For instance:
1. crushed up insect parts.
2. blood .
3. ropes found from a ship after midnight.

Terence Koh is absolutely nuts.

I will glance at his work from afar, admire it wildly and post it on my blog. In the back of my mind I smile, because ladies if there is one thing I know, a man that collect insects, blood and steal ropes from ships at midnight is not a man you want to know personally. :)

"Terrence Koh’s sculptures are born of queer youth culture and luxurious decadence. Exuding a magnetic sensuality, These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Drums is an object of obsession, its ebony coils trailing with enticement, visually echoing waves of noise. Luring with its swarthy depths, …Black Drums creates a suggestive void: of memory and fantasy, drawing connotations of art history, gothic subculture, and fetish gear. Using raw materials of cloth, metal, and plaster, Koh’s sculpture beacons with tactility, mirroring yearning and loss as physical desire."

drum kit, paint, ropes from a ship found after midnight, black wax, plaster, vegetable matter, crushed insect parts, artist's blood and "business"

Stool, 50 x 30cm
100 x 163 x 100cm

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  1. I love that it's so important that the ropes were taken from the ship "after midnight", as though that makes them different and in a way, they are: more creepy.