Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chics on bikes

Since I've been starting to bike every weekend (a pleasant alternative to going to the gym) I've decided to crack down and finally buy a decent bike.

What did I purchase? Here it is:

A baby blue Raleigh Detour 3.5 Hybrid

But wait just one second.

How does one ride a bike in dresses and heels? (I don't always come equipped with bike shorts and sneakers)

I did some research and put together a guide so you can ride that bike in anything you darn well please.

The Story with Heels:

Well, I don't have an answer to this one, but riding a bike in heels is a lot easier than walking in heels.

The Story with Skirts:

Simplest solution: I find I can quickly adjust my skirt by standing up on the pedals – it’s quick, requires no hands and is a fairly practiced moved from my childhood racing up and down the neighborhood streets. Try it – not only does it work, after awhile you will find you naturally do it to adjust the line of your skirt.

Pin it down:
With shorter A-line skirts I have found pinning a piece of the skirt (or tucking it under) to a headband worn around the thigh like a garter belt to be helpful. (my headbands are actually cut from old tights so they fit perfectly!).

Protect yourself and your skirt:
If you are going to wear a long skirt get a skirt guard installed on your bike or make one if your local shop doesn’t carry them.


Easiest way is to sport some spandex under the dress.

Happy riding! <3>

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  1. love this! "Riding a bike in heels is easier than walking in heels"
    it's so true a little too. Wedges are certainly the easiest.