Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tom's Restaurant

So what's the deal with Tom's Restaurant? It's this creaky little diner on 782 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn that apparently serves the "Best Breakfast in New York"

And I love breakfast So obviously we have to go check it out.

Giovanni (my boyfriend) and I managed to get there early before the line went out the door and were seated almost right away! On first impression the place is really cool inside. It's small and eclectic with pictures and stained glass windows (One looks like it was taken from a church) literally covering the half tile half painted tan and red walls.

But anyway we were there for the food so lets continue to talk about that. We both had our coffees. G got scrambled eggs with corn beef hash and potatoes and I had a veggie omelet (mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach) with grits. We also had french toast and sausage on the side.

( They also have breakfast items on the menu like whipped coffee, mango-walnut pancakes with assorted butters and pumpkin walnut waffles.)

So is it the best breakfast in New York? YES!
Best breakfast ever. I'm obsessed. Whoever actually reads my blog, You have to go!

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  1. what is it that they're known for? some vintage egg whip beverage. hahahaha.
    yes they are fantastic. and it's like a time warp walking in!

  2. I thought it was the cherry lime rickys! I have no idea but that place is great.