Sunday, September 11, 2011

1930's Fashion

I first visited Rosebud Vintage to just take a look before I ran some errands. The name Rosebud Vintage is deceiving, as all the clothes there are really antiques (which makes me love the store even more) Even my granny didn't have clothes in her closet this old. Most of the dresses are from the 1950's dating back to the Victorian Era. At first I was searching for a 1920's frock, because who doesn't want an authentic flapper dress if they can get their hands on one?

However I never really realized how absolutely stunning 1930's clothes really are. I think we all associate the 1930's with the Great Depression and over look how beautiful the fashion was. The fashion of the roaring twenties was fit loosely and tomboyish however the 30's brought more form fitting, elegant and feminine wear. Most of the evening wear was long and covered most of the skin but were completely backless. I thought about purchasing one, but where would I wear one to? If I was a movie star I would wear them to red carpet events.


  1. I love this post. Every time I come across a 1930's dress, I have an urge to cut the length shorter which would just be nearly sacrilegious in the vintage world.

  2. these pieces are simply works of art. so so gorgeous. what an amazing find.