Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer list.

A few months ago on one of our first warm spring days I made a list of things to do this summer so I'll never ever be bored. Here it is

1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
2. BBQ in Prospect Park
3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
4. Take a walk on the high line and visit the Chelsea galleries
5. Beacon's closet and coffee at Blue Bottle (claims to be the best coffee ever)
6. Coney Island baseball game (been planning this with the fam)
7. Ps 1 Warmup
8. Long Island beaches
9. Drive to Montauk
10. Ride bikes
11. BBQ
12. Photoshoots
13. Take a bus to Philly and get cheese steaks.

If I forgot to include anything super fun, then let me know. :)


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